What is smartsheet used for?

Smartsheet is used to collaborate on project timelines, documents, calendars, tasks, and other works . According to IDG, it is “part office productivity, part project management, part document sharing [it] is trying to be the central hub for how people work.”. The user interface is similar to Microsoft Excel as smartsheets are essentially “ smarter […]

How does smartsheet work?

Work in Smartsheet centers around “sheets” that contain information relating to a particular project or projects. Within each sheet, users can include a variety of details relating to a project, such as a description, status, due dates, and which workers have been assigned to complete a task. What is Smartsheet? Smartsheet is the only platform […]

Does smartsheet integrate with azure devops?

, azure dev Ops and Smartsheet Integration Create new rows, search and update them in Smartsheet. Boost efficiency of your internal processes and automate your operations in Azure Dev, and ops. Do much more by connecting Azure Dev. Ops and Smartsheet. Smartsheet connects with Salesforce platforms so you can access and visualize real-time, critical business […]

Does smartsheet have tabs?

Each Smartsheet that you open in the program appears as a tab in the window even though they are not contained in a single Smartsheet. You could try organizing all your files in a folder or a shared workspace and then close all open sheets (tabs) then navigate to the HOME tab and open only […]

Can smartsheet link to excel?

Link your Smartsheet data with Excel by using the Live Data Connector. Only Business and Enterprise customers will have access to the Smartsheet Live Data Connector, which will be automatically included in their subscription. Contact a Smartsheet representative to learn more about using Smartsheet with Microsoft Excel. Only Business and Enterprise customers will have access […]

Can smartsheet sync with outlook calendar?

There currently isn’t a two-way sync between Smartsheet and Outlook such that you could add rows to Smartsheet from an Outlook calendar. The Smartsheet for Outlook add-in works with Outlook when used in conjunction with a supported Microsoft account. Make sure you’re running the latest version of Outlook; it provides the needed browser support. Microsoft […]